1.     Service concept: serving employees, serving others, serving markets and serving society

 2.     Management theory: original technology, advanced quality, personalized service, excellent

                                             after-sales service

 3.    Market strategy: optimize market with multi-angle information, lead market with original technology,

                                     consolidate market with all-round service, Finland brand take root the market

        Market concept: original products, win the markets

4.    Product idea: green technology, healthy life

       Product orientation: with “purify indoor air, out of pollution” as the core

                                         Take “constructing integrative industrial chain of Finland original product

                                         as development direction.

5.  Targets: it never rains but it pours

6.   Quality objective: FPY (First Pass Yield) of finished product of original product is up to 100%, and

                                   the qualified rate after opening is up to 99.8%.

      Quality slogan: good brand with good product

7.  Enterprise objective: let Chinese able to use original products from Finland