2014 Chengdu Creative Design Exhibition

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     On the morning of April 17th 2014, the “2014 Chengdu Creative Design Exhibition”hosted by Chengdu Construction and Decoration Association and Chengdu Display Art Trade Association opened in hall 9 of the new international exhibition center in century city, Chengdu city.



Creative exhibition booth of Elixair air cleaner & Allaway central vacuum cleaner



An invitation


The green earth represents an invitation to invite visitors into it to experience purified air.



Visitable Core science and technology system


Viewers can experience clean and purified air provided by man and new life value.



 Fengxiao, General Manager of Lanbeisi Science and Technology Company, goes onto the stage to receive “the most popular cooperative enterprise by designers”     right-3


Left-1 (designer: Jiangli)

Middle (secretary-general of Chengdu Construction and Decoration Association: Zhang daiying)

Right-1 (General Manager of Lanbeisi science and Technology Company, Fengxiao)