As for professional retail dealer and comprehensive dealer, they must satisfy (region is    not unique):

 At least own one retail exclusive shop exhibition hall and inventory capacity of certain sales volume;

 Monetary limitation of initial purchases for retailers, and take delivery of goods with cash or cards  (tentative/provisional):

Ability to develop distributors is needed; important metropolis must own its distribution network of the surrounding city;

Adhere to the management practices of regional sales of Lanbeisi Company and agreed price system;


Retail dealers: the way that directly purchase selected model from “Lanbeisi”: purchase equipments

                             from 20(provisional) to more than that. The numbers or time is stochastic)


Cooperation conditions for regional dealer:

1, natural person and legal person.

2, the legal person must have sound business reputation and corporate image;

3, Owns perfect sales network and service ability;

4, with advanced brand awareness and rich operational experience of terminal market;

5, must have or establish a professional team of sales, installation and after-sales service;

6, highly identify the marketing concept of Lanbeisi Science and Technology Co Ltd, and are willing to

    grow with us and create win-win situation.