International Allaway   

        Through its extensive network of importers, Allaway delivers central vacuum cleaners to Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Allaway's reputation as a reliable  and high-quality system provider constantly opens doors to new market areas.

  Ecological Allaway  

       What we leave behind matters to us. Therefore, the focus of our quality process is on using materials that have the least environemntal impact on our products. Practice has shown that vacuum cleaning with a central vacuum cleaner often diminishes the need for vacuum cleaning as the amount of dust is reduced. This also bring a decrease in energy consumption. 

    Advantages of the 44MM Diameter Piping   

       The optimal pipe diameter, 44mm, helps all rubbish flow efficiently . A 44 mm pipe is suitable for all walls that made of wood, blocks or bricks and for different types of ceiling or floor structures, also in prefacricated houses. 



       The best way to clean different surfaces and objects, including skirtboard, area under sofa, steam heating pipe, carpet, mattress, curtain, is to replace nozzle according to different purposes. A full set of Allaway cleaning product include all tools that you will use during basic clean process. A nozzle suit, expansion link, hose and a bracket are all included both in standard suit and value pack. For better effect, Allaway company also provides a series of nozzles and accessories to choose from, including a powerful brush fit for carpet, a inflatable hose called “ saviour of kitchen clean” and a preseparator that can let vacuum cleaner separate dust and water.


      All elbows in the piping system are rounded so that blockages are not easily happen. Besides, all elbows are with suitable sizes and reinforced. With smooth inner surface, the pipe is durable. And the diameter of the pipe (40/440 is optimum, the connector is tight and cone-shaped. The design and feature of the piping system of Allaway company guarantee that dust and garbage can flow in optimal way and it is also the one with best flow property on the market.

   Easy Installation   

      The piping system of Allaway series of products are easily installed both in new houses and old ones. Parts can be simply assembled without glues or special tools. It can also be installed on ceiling, cupboard or stair structure in buildings of various time and styles. It is also very connevient if there is a need to prolong the use of system.