Terms of use


Statement: Please carefully read the following terms before using the website. Visit, browse or use the website means  your acknowledgment of having read, understood and agreed to accept these terms or all mentioned terms, and adhered to relevant laws and regulations. If you do not accept these terms, please don’t use the website.

1.  Use of the website

         1.1 The contents of this website are only for personal use instead of commercial use, and any rights declaration contained in the contents you should obey. Although there’s no related declaration of rights in the contents, it doesn’t mean that our company doesn’t have rights for them; therefore, you should respect the legal rights and interests of these contents as well as abide by relevant laws and regulations.

       1.2 You should not use this website’s contents for any public or commercial purpose by revising, copying, publishing, renting in any form or in other means and you are forbidden to use the site’s contents in any purpose for any other websites or Medias. 

       1.3 Our company can visit you at any time or use the site to revise, restrict, suspend or terminate without advance notice. In the mean time, we aren’t responsible for any impacts caused by this.

       1.4 The contents of this website are protected by laws and regulations, if you violated the terms of use, you should  shoulder all consequences and legal responsibilities for the causes.

2.  Information delivery

          2.1 Please do not send or submit any confidential or personal information (or material) to the website, and any information (or material) you sent or submitted is considered to be unclassified and non-exclusive. Our company can free use or propagate the information (or material) without limit in any way and out of any purpose. At the same time, the delivery or submit is regarded as you have agreed that our company can free use the information( or material) by copying, revising, disclosing, distributing, combining, transferring, displaying, executing and other ways for any purpose.

       2.2  You should be responsible for all contents that you send, submit, upload, paste or other means to our website. Our company can always unilaterally modify, delete the contents at any time, or can unilaterally suspend their web surfing. If the circumstances are serious, we will submit to related departments to cope with. You can not transfer following contents by sending, submitting, uploading, pasting or other means through our company:

        2.2.1 Any pornographic or other illicit contents that are illegal, threatening, violent, reactionary, insulting, defamatory;

        2.2.2 Personal information disclosed without lawful authority;;

        2.2.3 Contents that violate the legal intellectual property rights of others 

        2.2.4 Contents that carry computer viruses or procedures, codes and files that destroy computer and functions of the website.

        2.2.5 Junk mail and advertising information.

3.Website information

       3.1  This site’s information is provided as it is, so there are no any forms of additional ostensive and implied guarantees. Our company has taken measures to ensure the correctness of uploaded information, but not its absolute correctness and integrity. Our company is not responsible for problems that related to the correctness and security of information we provided, and you should take responsibilities of all the results and risks brought by the utilization of this information.

       3.2  Our company can amend or update the site’s information at any time without further notice. The revised and updated contents come into effect as being published on the website, please visit regularly.

4. Website links

       You can visit other websites through this site, and our company provides the links just for your convenience, meanwhile we retain the rights to suspend any links at any time. The link sites are independent of our company, thus we can not control their contents and do not take charge of their contents and information. You should assume responsibilities for consequences and risks caused by visiting any other sites linked to our website.

5.  Intellectual property 

         5.1  Without our company’s written permission, one should not propagate, modify, copy, issue, rent, sell or use in other means of the information, words, music, photo, trademark, identification and other contents of our website. Behaviors of downloading, spreading, revising, copying, renting, selling, decompilation, reverse engineering of any software on the website are not allowed, and one may not remove or amend the statements of any intellectual property license, trademark right, and patent right or other ownerships.

       5.2  Our company has not confered any intellectual property permission on you in any way, please abide by related     laws and regulations. 

6.  Limitation of liabilities

        Our company is not responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, special and occasional losses caused by the site’s utilization and links, which include but not limited to business, revenue, profit, reputation, and data or other losses no matter whether they have guarante, contract, infringement act or any other legal basis as well as got advice that such losses may happen. If you need to conduct maintenance, repairment or rectification to data or equipments because of using the website, all costs shall be taken by yourself.

7. The term of use or relevant behaviors of using the website shall be subjected to Laws of People’s Republic of China, and disputes caused by these should be settled through negotiation by both parties. If negotiation is not working, you may agree to allow the people’s court in the location of our company’s legal address to make arbitration.

8. Our company shall be responsible for the interpretation power of the term of use and the use of our   website.