Privacy Statement:

1, The website will ask users who use services provided by the site to give out relevant individual information and data as checking data of its internal site, and with the data you provided, the website will offer you further service notices.

2. The website will not arbitrarily disclose, sell, rent or transfer personal data of users to any third parties. While it can only provide you the products or services you asked when there is a need to share and transfer your personal data at the time when the website jointly hold activities with the third party. Thus please choose activities you take part in with cautious. 

3. According to requirements of applicable law, laws and regulations, any powerful courts, arbitration institutions, other government departments or legal procedures, we are entitled to disclose and provide your personal data to related institutions, but it is only limited to the foregoing scope and targets.


4. As for your behaviors that provide information by publishing information, uploading files, inserting data to our websites or conducting any other forms of communication with these, it means that for those information and its formed works on current existing medias or follow-up developed and appeared any medias, we and our relevant enterprises, partners and Condé Nast Digital are given the rights to be permitted to use, copy, license, sub-license, recompose, translate, issue, demonstrate, publicly perform, propagate, revise, edit and use in other reasonable and lawful means which are permanent, mondial, irrevocable, unlimited, non-exclusive and with free license fee.


5. The privacy statements of the website will be revised at any time in accordance to the situation along with updates and announcements.